3 Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Skin

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One of the reasons I became an esthetician is because I love helping my clients feel beautiful by working through their skincare challenges with them. Of course, there are those clients who have serious skin conditions, but you’d be surprised to know that many of the issues are actually caused by the client.

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. It’s kind of like nutrition – there is so much conflicting information out there, and there are so many harmful ingredients in products that most people aren’t aware of. The good news is that you can make some small adjustments that will have a big impact on your skin. Here are the 3 most common mistakes I see clients making:

1. Using an active cleanser too often

Many of my clients with acne, rosacea or other similar conditions think they need to use an active cleanser with acids or other tough ingredients on a daily basis. And their skin is screaming for help. This can strip the it of natural oils, putting it in overdrive to produce more oil to compensate for what has been lost. You can see how this can worsen any skin condition. Instead of the daily active cleanser usage, reduce it to maybe 2 or 3 times a week and use a second gentle cleanser that is non-irritating and pH-balanced. This will help with inflammation, and overall cleanliness.

2. Over exfoliation

People love the idea of getting that top layer of dead skin off. The truth is that using harsh exfoliating techniques that include a scrub brush or loofa can strip the skin’s protective barrier, which could increase inflammation and irritation. The reaction to the exfoliation is often seen as a new break out, which causes people to exfoliate again. You get the picture. The need to exfoliating is different for everyone, based on your skin type, climate you live in, time of year, etc. Twice a week is a good rule of thumb, but keep an eye on how your skin reacts for a few days after.

3. You aren’t patient enough

Whether you are a caterpillar, losing weight or switching up your skincare regimen, change takes time. Being patient with your skin is crucial, especially when you introduce new ingredients and a new regimen. It may sometimes take up to 4 weeks to start to see the changes you are looking for. But be patient. Remember, it took your skin a while to develop these problems, so give it some time to fix them.

Understanding what the best method for treating your skin can be tricky. My job is to meet with people to understand their skin and what it needs, and I’d love to meet with you. You’d be surprised what the right products and an occasional treatment, whether it be microdermabrasion, corrective facial, chemical peel or HyrdoPlus, can do for your skin. Contact us today for a free consultation. I look forward to meeting you!