4 Tips to Find the Right Person to Do Your BOTOX


With so many BOTOX providers out there, how do you know who to pick to make sure you have a safe experience that will leave you with great results? Mr. Jeff Garberich, PA-C explains 4 things you should do.

1. Make sure you are getting real Botox

Go to www.botoxcosmetic.com. This is one of Allergan’s websites. They are the company that makes Botox. Our facility, as well as any facility or provider who is authorized to buy Botox is listed here. Any of those providers, if you ask them, should be able to show you the Botox vial, which has a hologram on the label. If that provider can’t or won’t show you the Botox vial with the hologram, that’s a sign that you may not be in the right place. I’ve had clients come to me asking for help after having gone to a hotel or a house party to get Botox. These are very unsafe environments and you don’t know if you are getting real Botox. I would stay away from these situations.

2. Read Online Reviews

Go to the provider’s website, Facebook, google, etc and see what the majority of clients are saying. Did they have a good experience? Did they get the results they were looking for? Would they go back and recommend it to their friends and family? Reviews are very important and will reveal many details about the facility and provider.

3. Go In For A Consultation

Consultations are the most important part of the process, and you should cover a few different things while you are there. Don’t just allow the provider to walk in the room, inject you and leave. First things, ask if they are a credentialed medical provider. Also, ask about their experience injecting. How long have they been doing it? I always tell clients that I’m a certified master injector from Allergan, I’m an instructor at the Injectable Academy at Texas Laser Institute, and most importantly about all the trainings I’ve been to. I personally go to all the trainings I can because this industry is changing so quickly and it’s my job to stay on top of the latest techniques and information to get my clients the best results. You want to make sure your provider stays current so you get the best possible results. Next, ask to see before and after pictures of actual clients. Don’t let them just show you a brochure. You want to see great results they’ve achieved for their clients. I make a point to show pictures of actual clients to that pertain to what you want to address, which is important both for my credibility, as well as your comfort level.

4. Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

Finally, the most important part is making sure you feel comfortable. If you don’t get all of your questions answered from asking to see the Botox, to credentials and experience, take a pause to understand why. Also, make sure the provider explains everything to you thoroughly and answers all your questions about the actual procedure. When you come in for a consultation with me, I’m going to listen to your concerns and explain everything about the procedure and together we are going to come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with. If you don’t feel comfortable, or feel like the provider isn’t listening and trying to talk you into something you don’t need, it may not be the place for you.

I hope these tips were helpful. I’d love to meet with you and get you the great results you are looking for. Contact us to book your consultation. I look forward to seeing you!