Benefits of Laser Vein Removal

Benefits of Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is a non-invasive, non-surgical way to remove a varicose vein or spider vein permanently. It provides relief from the symptoms of varicose veins such as heaviness, aching and bulging veins. The process involves laser light and bipolar radiofrequency energy being used to close off the vein. It is then gradually absorbed by the surrounding tissue and disappears.

Some of the main benefits of laser vein removal at our office are:

  • The procedure can be done in the comfort of our office without the need for general anesthesia
  • There is virtually no risk of postoperative infection or scarring
  • The treatment is straightforward and simple
  • There is little postoperative discomfort and the recovery time is nonexistent
  • The procedure has a phenomenal success rate, with most people enjoying amazing results

Some things you may experience after the treatment include:

  • Relief from heaviness, cramps and swelling
  • Improved overall general health
  • Significant cosmetic improvement
  • More energy and vigor throughout the day
  • The ability to do activities you stopped because of discomfort
  • No longer needing to wear compression stockings
  • The veins will not return
  • Improved self-confidence and quality of life

Laser vein removal is incredibly safe, and the risks and side effects are minimal. It can be used on both men and women dealing with unwanted veins. We will be happy to discuss all of the details of this treatment with you during your initial consultation at our office. During this meeting, our expert will determine if laser vein removal is the best treatment for your varicose veins and/or spider veins.

If you have obvious varicose veins or spider veins in your legs or think you may be developing them because you feel some of the symptoms, set up a time to visit About Face Anti-Aging Institute to determine the seriousness of your condition and if laser vein removal is right for you. The main advantage is that you no longer need to be embarrassed to wear shorts or a bathing suit because your legs will be smooth again. You will look and feel better after you undergo this simple treatment.

About Face Anti-Aging Institute is located in Harker Heights, Texas. During a consultation at our office, our team of professionals would be happy to address whatever questions or concerns you may have about laser vein removal, including what you can expect before, during and after treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to find out how laser vein removal can restore a normal appearance to your skin.