Benefits of XEOMIN?


As the years pass, your face begins to develop lines and wrinkles. Just a few decades ago, the only options available for reversing the effects of aging were cosmetic surgery or topical creams. Cosmetic surgery can involve expensive costs and require some serious recovery time. Topical creams can also be expensive and unfortunately the vast majority of them can be ineffective.

Nowadays, cosmetic injectables are a great alternative to surgery. They can help your skin look youthful. They can take years off your appearance. XEOMIN® is designed to address the dynamic wrinkles that can form when you make expressions.

XEOMIN can be used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines and moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that appear on the sides of your eyes when you smile. Frown lines appear between your eyebrows.

XEOMIN® contains a purified protein solution. The solution is able to relax the facial muscles that contract when you make expressions. Since these muscles are relaxed, they are not able to contract as harshly. This prevents them from creating deep wrinkles in your skin. As opposed to solely treating the wrinkles that you have, XEOMIN can also prevent new wrinkles from forming by minimizing excessive movement of facial muscles when you make facial expressions.

Treatment is done in the comfort of our office and is classified as a lunch break procedure. Since it is a nonsurgical procedure, and you will not need any anesthetic to have the injectable administered. After the procedure, you will not have any required downtime so you can return to your normal activities. After the procedure, you may experience some mild side effects. Side effects may include things like redness or slight swelling at the injection site. This is normal and the effects will dissipate on its own with time.

The full results from the procedure are not immediate, but you should start to see a reduction of wrinkles in the treated area a few days after the treatment. Many patients see a continued improvement in their appearance over time after treatment.

To schedule a consultation, you can contact our office at About Face Anti-Aging Institute. Our office is located in Harker Heights, but we also happily serve clients in Temple, Belton, Waco and the surrounding areas. Let us show you how XEOMIN can give you a younger looking visage!

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