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Eliminate Unwanted Lines and Wrinkles with Volbella


Do you have unwanted lines and wrinkles on your lips or around your mouth area that are causing you to look and feel old? Thankfully, you can do something about this problem. Volbella is a lip injection treatment that will smooth out the wrinkles on your lips and help you get some of your youthful appearance back. Read more about Volbella here.

You can feel confident using Volbella®. It is a safe injectable filler that is based on hyaluronic acid. It is made by the same company that developed BOTOX®. The special formula used for Volbella® lip injections produces long-lasting results. It is perfect for helping individuals to smooth wrinkles and lines in their lips that have developed because of the aging process.

If this is your first time reading about dermal fillers, you may have the mistaken idea that all dermal fillers are created equal. Dermal fillers are based on different substances and are designed to be used in different areas. Volbella® has a special cross-linking technology that helps it to flow easily into the lips. It is soft, which gives the lips a smooth feel and appearance. After Volbella® injections, you will not have a big lump in your lips.

Volbella® has been designed to smooth the vertical lines that appear on the lips. These are more commonly referred to as smoker’s lines. It can also treat oral commissures. It will accentuate the Vermillion border, which will help to define the natural lip line. Volbella® is great for enhancing the cupid’s bow and for treating marionette lines.

Most individuals who use this product can expect to say goodbye to their lines and wrinkles for quite a while before repeat injections are necessary. The results look natural. Since this is a minimally-invasive treatment, you are able to get right back to most normal activities as soon as the treatment session is over.

Whether you live in Killeen/Harker Heights, Temple, Belton, Waco, or the surrounding area, if you are interested in non-surgical lip augmentation, contact us today at About Face Anti-Aging Institute in Harker Heights and schedule a consultation for Volbella®!