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Luxurious Spa Services - Mep Spa Harker Heights, TX
Corrective facials are relaxing like traditional facials but intended to treat skin issues.

We’ve selected the most corrective, results-driven facials for our clientele, considering our clients’ skin types, lifestyles, as well as the Central Texas humidity and sun exposure.

The most innovative brand in the industry, Image Skincare consistently produces the latest anti-aging technologies to further its mission of helping the world to Age Later™. Formulated by internationally recognized chemists and a board of physicians.


Corrective Facials: Meaning?

Corrective facials are relaxing like traditional facials but intended to help improve any skin issue you may have. By conducting consultations, understanding your skincare challenges, lifestyle and current skincare regimen you follow, our team will provide you with insight into your skin type, how we can help improve it with a corrective facial, and how to best take care of your skin, both in our facility and at home.

What Corrective Facials Do You Offer?

We built our facial collection tailored to our clientele and categorized by skin type. Our team will help you select a facial appropriate for your skin, as well as customize the products within each facial, making it as unique as your skin. Here is a list of the facials we offer:

Facials for Anti-Aging or Dry Skin:

Antioxidant Anti-Aging

Our exceptional treatment seamlessly merges our potent Vitamin C blend with powerful exfoliating agents, deeply hydrating ingredients, and cutting-edge plant cell extract technology. This remarkable combination works harmoniously to revitalize and nourish even the most parched and dehydrated skin.

Fall Into Hydration

This enzymatic treatment is specifically formulated to address the needs of dull and depleted skin, providing a much-needed boost of hydration. By replenishing moisture levels, it effectively enhances the skin’s firmness and brightness, resulting in a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance.

Holiday Bliss & Bubble

This facial will brighten, oxygenate and nourish even the most winterized skin, leaving it smooth, plump and incredibly hydrated.

Facials for Sensitive Skin and Rosacea:

Ormedic Flash

This 30-minute speed treatment effectively eliminates impurities and enhances the skin’s radiance. Crafted with certified organic ingredients and antioxidants, this indulgent flash facial is specifically designed to assist you in achieving a natural and timeless appearance. Suitable for all skin types.

Radiance Refresh

Help clients spring into nourished, radiant skin! This treatment is perfect for all skin types and helps to brighten, hydrate and diminish lingering signs of dullness.

The Glow Getter

Glowing skin is the ultimate trend, and rest assured, this flash facial is here to fulfill your desires for a luminous complexion. With the remarkable combination of brightening botanicals, tranexamic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants, prepare to witness a remarkable boost in radiance and a significant enhancement in skin clarity. Regardless of your skin type, this opulent treatment guarantees to deeply hydrate, soften, and unveil a truly radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Facials for Pigmentation:

Get Glowing

Enhance your skin’s luminosity and achieve a radiant, healthy appearance with our exceptional treatment. Designed to cater to all skin types, this results-oriented approach combines the remarkable benefits of a facial roller to provide a noticeable lifting effect.

Illuminate and Glow

Give skin a brightening boost with this antioxidant-rich facial. This results driven luxury treatment helps to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines in all skin types.

O2 Lift

Introducing a extraordinary Signature Oxygenating Treatment, meticulously crafted to elevate your skin’s radiance and unleash an irresistible glow! Prepare to be captivated as this remarkable treatment works its magic, breathing new life into your complexion. With a unique blend of revitalizing ingredients, it’s specifically formulated to boost brightness and unveil a luminous, youthful appearance. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a breathtakingly radiant complexion. Get ready to shine like never before

Facials for Acne or Oily Skin:

Be Clear Purifying

This Comprehensive treatment helps to combat all types of breakouts with the power of targeted peptides, salicylic acid and soothing botanicals. Perfect for addressing oily skin and the appearance of blemishes.

Which Facial is Right for Me?

Every person’s skin is unique, as is the treatment and skincare regimen that will best serve its needs. That is why you can come in for a free consultation so our team can evaluate your skin, gather information about your history and challenges, answer questions, and make a recommendation on which facial would work best for you, and how it would be customized for you.

Call us today at 254-781-8169 to see how one of our corrective facials can help you with your skin care challenges. convenient location for anyone looking for facials near them in Harker Heights, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Belton, and Central Texas.

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