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Get Rejuvenated Skin with Microdermabrasion


If you were to make a list of the things about your skin that bother you right now, it is likely that your list would include things like fine lines, wrinkles and clogged or enlarged pores.Patients are attracted to this procedure because it is practical and it is effective. It can revolutionize the appearance of someone who is battling with minor skin problems or who is looking to reverse the early signs of aging. One of the biggest benefits of microdermabrasion is just how convenient it is. It’s also very safe. Once the treatments are done, you can go right back to your everyday activities and continue on with your day.

Microdermabrasion works by sloughing off the unwanted dead skin on your skin’s surface. It’s this dead skin on the surface layers of your face that make your skin look dull. As this skin is removed, the healthier and more vibrant layers of skin underneath are brought to the fore. At the same time, the procedure encourages your body to produce more collagen. It encourages your body to increase blood flow, and the results are a dramatic improvement in the texture, color and tone of your skin.

When microdermabrasion is performed by a qualified professional, the risks associated with it are minimal. This underscores the importance of only having professionals perform your procedure. This ensures that you are going to get the best results possible.

Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see can be disheartening. It can have a devastating toll on your self-esteem. Microdermabrasion is designed to address some of these minor flaws without drastically changing your appearance and without putting you at risk for severe side effects or long-term downtime.

When performed by a professional like the ones at About Face Anti-Aging Institute, microdermabrasion can revolutionize the way you look and feel. It can give your skin an invigorated look that you will be happy with. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Harker Heights!