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Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair Comfortably with Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that utilizes precise laser technology to permanently remove hair from all areas of the body. Even sensitive areas like the upper lip can be treated with comfort.

Laser treatments gradually reduce the hair until it is removed permanently, allowing you to say goodbye to those tedious and painful hair removal methods such as tweezing, plucking, shaving,

More About Laser Hair Removal

You will receive a consultation to discuss your goals and the areas you would like to have treated. You’ll be given a treatment plan with regard to realistic expectations for meeting your needs. Each session may last a half hour or less. Since it is so non-invasive, you can schedule sessions on your lunch hour.

Common areas of laser hair removal treatment include:

  • Bikini Area
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back

What to Expect

Laser hair removal has been in existence for about 20 years, and there have been a number of technical advances in that time. The procedure is completely safe when performed by trained, certified technicians and is FDA approved. This method of hair removal is effective for all skin types and colors. It won’t damage your skin.

The procedure is short, and you can expect no downtime or recovery. This convenient method destroys the hair follicles and does not cause great discomfort. A numbing cream can be applied, as each patient’s pain tolerance differs. Some describe the laser pulse to feel like a snap of static electricity. Once your treatment session is completed, you can immediately return to work and your regular activities.

The Need for Repeat Treatments

You may need to undergo several treatments in order to effectively deactivate hair follicle growth. In addition, only about 10% of follicles are growing at one particular time, so multiple sessions may be needed to reach them all. Sessions should be scheduled several weeks apart. Completing all sessions is essential to ensure that hair does not grow back.

If you would like to end the cycle of at-home hair removal, consider professional laser hair removal. It’s safe, convenient and effective. For more information, contact About Face Anti-Aging Institute. We offer a variety of services including laser hair removal, laser skin tightening, BOTOX®, and more. We welcome the opportunity to review your goals and customize a treatment plan. Our priority is ensuring patients reach their ideal appearance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.