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How Lipotropic Injections Can Kickstart Weight Loss?

lipotropic injections

Weight loss is really hard. However, there is a reason why dieters continue to adhere to a healthy diet and workout/exercise regimen: results. Lipotropic injections at About Face Anti-Aging can help you get desired results faster and drive you to speed up your weight loss plan. 

Lipotropics has components that impact fat metabolism. Lipotropic injections carry a blend of elements that stimulate the breakdown of fat present in the liver, usually vitamin B12, inositol, phentermine and, choline. They can also be customized as per the patient’s special needs.

Our expert at About Face Anti-Aging, Mr. Garberich, gives lipotropic injections as an individual part of an assisted weight loss program. Find out how lipotropic injections help weight loss and whether you are a good fit for them. 

  • Faster metabolism 

Ingredients in lipotropic injections at About Face Anti-Aging, such as vitamin B12, can help regulate insulin, known as a fat-storing hormone. When the insulin levels in your body are high during the day, you are more likely to save and store fat from the food you eat. 

B-complex vitamins are also recognized for raising insulin resistance, another risk determinant for weight gain. 

  • More eminent energy levels while eating at a deficit.

A caloric deficit is another key to dropping weight, but continuously following a diet that is low in calories for prolonged periods can alter your energy levels and mental performance. This normally occurs because you are also prone to cut nutrients when you cut calories from your diet.

Many dieters, particularly those who go for a plant-based diet, have low energy levels caused by B12 deficiency. Lipotropic injections are equipped with high vitamin B12, making it more comfortable for you to stay at a caloric deficit without experiencing fatigue.

  • Suppressed appetite 

It is true. Abs are built in the kitchen, not only in the gym. Although training can burn calories and build muscle, it can not compensate for overeating. 

Lipotropic injections at About Face Anti-Aging contain phentermine. This prescription-based hunger suppressant can curb your cravings and make your weight loss mission far more manageable.

Studies advise that phentermine is trustworthy and effective for long-term strategies as well.

  • Lose weight under the guidance of an expert 

An expected 45 million Americans opt to go on a strict diet each year. Yet, nearly two-thirds of Americans are obese or overweight. The guidance of an expert takes the guesswork out of the equation. It makes it more possible to attain sustainable results without feeling hunger and fatigue. 

If you are really serious about kick-starting your weight loss efforts and need counseling concerning nutrition and fitness, contact Mr. Garberich. Our About Face Anti-Aging specialist can help you pick the perfect diet for your lifestyle and use weight loss assistance for maximum results.

Why trust About Face Anti Aging Institute for taking Lipotropic Injections?

Although diet and exercise are ideal ways to lose weight and improve your overall health, the process can be hard on your body, depriving it of essential vitamins and nutrients. At About Face Anti-Aging Institute, we offer lipotropic injections to immediately absorb these essential vitamins and nutrients to aid and nourish your body during the weight loss process.

About Face is located in Harker Heights, Texas, and serves Waco, Temple, Harker Heights, Belton, and the Central Texas Region. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how lipotropic injections can help you throughout your weight loss journey.