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Laser Hair Removal – Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

About Face is located near you in Harker Heights, Texas and serves Waco, Killeen, Temple, Belton and the central Texas region with one of the best laser hair removal clinics in the area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a top board-certified physician assistant Mr. Garberich, PA-C and find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

Our laser treats all skin types and can penetrate deep enough to kill hair follicles, eliminating the need to shave, tweeze or wax unwanted body hair. Shaving, tweezing and waxing unwanted body hair is not only tedious and time-consuming, and it can also irritate the skin and lead to ingrown hairs. At About Face Anti-Aging Institute, our laser hair removal treatment eradicates unwanted body hair and significantly reduces or eliminates future regrowth.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Advanced laser hair removal technology at About Face Anti-Aging Clinic

While waxing and shaving temporarily remove unwanted body hair, these only address the top of the hair follicle, which results in regrowth. Only a laser can penetrate deeply enough to reach the cellular center of the hair follicle. Hair removal is the long-term, stable hair reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime. If you’re looking for hair removal, you should certainly consider laser hair removal.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is beneficial for cosmetic reasons as well as other conditions such as Hirsutism which is the excessive growth of hair in locations typically reserved for male-pattern hair growth. It is also used to treat a condition called Hypertrichosis which is excessive hair growth and hair distribution on areas of the body where growth cycles are not typically prominent, normal or wanted.

Will Laser Hair Removal work for my skin type?

Not every laser can safely treat every skin type due to variances in pigmentation and likelihood of burns. That is why at About Face, we use the Candela® GentleYAG laser for our laser hair removal treatments, allowing us to safely treat all skin type, delivering precise treatment without damaging the pores or natural skin structure.

What Can I Expect During Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The GentleYAG laser system features a variable pulse high-energy laser that is moved over treated areas through a handheld device. This is typically a painless procedure, with most patients comparing the sensation to a rubber band being snapped lightly against the skin.

The extent of laser hair removal treatment depends on the size of the area being treated but is typically easy to fit into a busy schedule. As hair follicles are often in various stages of growth, it may take multiple sessions to successfully prevent regrowth in all treated areas.

Listen to What Our Clients Say:

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

This treatment is safe for both men and women who are interested in either thinning out or removing areas of unwanted body hair, it may be the best option. Certain contraindicating skin conditions may require further evaluation before treatment is approved, and Mr. Garberich will take your individual skin type based on several factors including the Fitzpatrick Scale for skin typing, and tone into consideration to customize a treatment plan for you.

What Results can I expect?

Smooth, hair-free skin achieved with laser hair removal at About Face Anti Aging

Results are different for each person due to variances in hair types and growth cycles.  Therefore multiple treatments are usually required in order to achieve the best desired result. It is also important to note that many hair follicles to not produce a hair although they have the potential to do so. Follicles can be activated by hormonal changes, or by other chemicals and medications which may result in new hair growth after treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects?

Laser hair reduction does not damage or irritate the skin, but treated areas may appear flushed or red akin to a sunburn after treatment, which will fade in a day or so. Any discomfort is easily controlled with cold compresses or ice.  Mr. Garberich will choose the best type of treatment for your individual skin type, reducing the risk of pigmentation issues.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The total cost will vary dependent on treatment area. We also offer packages at discounted rates. Call for our latest pricing about laser hair removal for all areas. 

Do you offer any payment plans?

We offer a financing solution through  Care Credit. We will be happy to review the requirements and help you with the application process either over the phone or during your consultation. You can also apply online or call Care Credit at your own convenience.

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