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Microdermabrasion Treatments For Acne


Acne is a troublesome problem, but even after the individual has aged out of the active acne period, scarring can remain. Microdermabrasion is a proven method for clearing up these visual imperfections in the skin. Because it’s non-invasive and doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or harsh scrubbing tools, microdermabrasion is favored by those who have sensitive skin.

We highly recommend microdermabrasion as a means to clear up skin tone and texture, especially if the imperfections and hyperpigmentation is the result of acne or injury.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

This treatment is a bit different from traditional dermabrasion. A rotary tool or scouring instrument isn’t used, meaning that the treatment doesn’t remove lower dermal layers. Instead, microdermabrasion is performed by streaming tiny particles under high pressure. The crystal particles remove the epidermal layer a little at a time. Dirt, oil, and other foreign particles are lifted away as well.

Long-Lasting Results

The healing effect of microdermabrasion isn’t immediately noticeable, but in the weeks following this simple treatment, a new epidermal layer forms. Because the need for cell creation has accelerated, so has the creation of collagen and elastin. The new epidermis is healthier than the tissue it replaced. The dermis, although not directly treated, also becomes firmer due to the increase in collagen.

The result is clearer skin without the dreaded hyperpigmentation caused by acne scarring. Positive results can last for many months without the need for a follow-up treatment.

The Ideal Candidate

Candidates for microdermabrasion will be healthy adults experiencing superficial hyperpigmentation on the facial skin. Reddened or dark areas that become more prominent as damaged skin from scarring is affected by sun exposure are the best candidates for this procedure. Those with active acne should consult with us before deciding upon microdermabrasion because the treatment will have to be adjusted to target specific areas without aggravating the condition.

This treatment has its advantages over other dermal rejuvenation procedures. It’s minimally invasive and there’s no downtime after treatment. No chemicals are used, so it’s suitable for most skin types and skin tones.

Get Rid Of Acne Scarring Without Surgery

If you’re interested in microdermabrasion and need more information, we’re here to help. Consult with us today and learn how this simple procedure can take years off your appearance. Call us at About Face Anti-Aging Institute in Harker Heights, TX today!