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Microneedling: A Safe and Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

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The field of anti-aging medicine has seen dramatic innovations in recent years that offer people the promise of skin that displays fewer signs of problems like lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Many of these new technologies do not even require surgery, which can require lengthy downtimes to heal. One of these innovative treatments is called microneedling.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a relatively new procedure that is safe and effective for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin, and certain types of scars. It requires little to no downtime, making it appealing to those who have busy schedules but still want significant results.

A microneedling treatment is very simple and usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes to perform. We use a small, electronic device and gently move it across your skin. The specialized device creates micro-channels in your skin and triggers skin rejuvenation. This encourages the replacement of old skin cells with new, more youthful ones, thus removing skin imperfections.


Microneedling is very beneficial for the reduction of line and wrinkles, pore size, sun damage, and scarring. When you come in for your consultation, our medical team will set you up with a personalized treatment plan that can range from 3 to 6 treatments for the best results. Many patients have had multiple treatments since the results of the treatment are cumulative. However, you will need to wait several weeks between treatments to give your skin time to heal completely.

Additional Considerations

What most people consider as “side effects” are actually signs that your skin is responding properly to the treatment. You may experience some minor redness or swelling after your microneedling treatment. However, these effects tend to be minor and fade quickly, normally within 24 hours.

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