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PRP Hair Restoration - About Face Harker Heights

The PRP facelift or PRP facial at About Face Anti-Aging Institute rehabilitates your skin by injecting growth factors in the precise area where your skin needs to be repaired and rejuvenated.

About Face is located in Harker Heights, Texas and serves Waco, Killeen, Temple, Belton, and the Central Texas Region. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Mr. Jeff Garberich and our medical team and find out how a PRP facelift can subtly refresh your appearance.

 What is PRP?

“Platelet Rich Plasma” is a growth factor in your blood that can stimulate collagen synthesis, skin renewal, cell growth, and tissue regeneration.  It is a naturally occurring healing process in our bodies used to heal wounds, cuts, etc.  The process of taking blood from a patient, isolating the platelet rich plasma and injecting it back into an area where the body needs to heal has been used for many years. In times past it’s been used in medical fields such as urology, ophthalmology, dentistry, neurosurgery, orthopedics and sports medicine.  Due to the success of using PRP in medicine, it has been developed into a cosmetic procedure.

What is a PRP Facelift?

PRP facelifts are said to plump skin, fill out fine lines and wrinkles, and give an overall more radiant appearance. It is a cosmetic treatment comprised of drawing a small amount of your own blood. Then your blood is placed it in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. Afterwards its injected back into the area of your skin that needs to be repaired and rejuvenated.   The platelets contain a high amount of growth factors. This means it works to naturally heal your damaged or aged skin by activating nearby cells to reproduce and stimulate repair.  The result is increased volume and beautifully rejuvenated skin.

Can I Use PRP with Other Fillers?

Combining dermal fillers like Voluma®, Juvederm® and Radiesse® with PRP can enhance the effect of the filler. This happens because of it stimulating the tissue and collagen production around where the filler was injected in your face.

Client Spotlight – PRP Injection BEFORE and AFTER

Our 60-year old female client received a PRP Facelift to address the bags under her eyes and overall condition of her skin.  In addition, she received BOTOX to eliminate crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, Voluma to plump her cheeks, and Juvederm XC to volumize her lips.

PRP Hair Restoration - About Face Harker Heights


“My husband and I are active – we spin and kayak, and I wanted to look as good as I feel, but I put it off for a long time.  I’m thrilled I finally did something for me.  I love my cheeks and lips, but the biggest difference I see is a change in my skin tone. It’s no longer thin and ashy.  Now it’s smooth, has a glow to it, and I don’t need as much moisturizer.  I will definitely do more treatments because I feel amazing.”

Are There Any Side Effects of a PRP Facial?

Since the PRP facelift uses natural resources from your own body, there are no known side effects. However, patients may experience slight bruising, redness, swelling or itching after actual injection, which should subside within a day or two. All possible risks and side effects will be discussed with you by Mr. Garberich during your consultation.

How Long Do Results Last?

Patients who get a PRP facelift once a month for 3 months report younger-looking, rejuvenated skin for the next 6 months to a year.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We offer a financing solution through Advance Care and Care Credit. We will be happy to review the requirements and help you with the application process either over the phone or during your consultation. You can also apply online or call Advance Care or Care Credit at your own convenience.

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Know Your ProviderKnow Your Provider

It is very important to understand who will be administering your procedure. Mr. Jeff Garberich, PA-C has received advanced training for PRP facelifts at the largest medical aesthetic training institute in the world.

Contact About Face Anti-Aging Institute today to schedule a consultation with Mr. Garberich and our medical team and begin your journey to smoother, younger-looking skin with a PRP facelift.