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Spider Veins Removal via Laser Treatment

Spider Veins Removal

While spider veins may not be as disconcerting as varicose veins are, they can be just as emotionally debilitating when they make you feel embarrassed to wear some of your favorite clothes. Although the legs are the most likely place where you will see spider veins, the face is another key location. Here, you can only cover them with makeup and hope for the best. However, we offer you other workable spider veins removal solutions that can fade away your spider veins and help you feel beautiful once again without the need for major surgeries.

Laser therapies offer safe and effective solutions for these tiny web-like patterns of blue or purple veins. At first, they may appear very light in color and quite small. However, over time, they can definitely increase in size and number, making you increasingly less comfortable with showing off your skin. Lasers can be used on the surface of the skin for very small spider veins or inside the veins for more moderately sized veins that do not respond as well to noninvasive therapies. These lasers work by filling the walls of the problem vein with this heated energy. The walls absorb the energy and die. This causes the vein to squeeze shut, redirecting blood to other healthier veins.

Although lasers do not produce the immediate results for spider veins removal that you would see with more invasive therapies, they are well-loved for a variety of reasons. They often leave no noticeable signs of treatment on your skin. In addition, these treatments are quick and convenient for adults who have busy schedules. Although you may need a series of treatments, you will be able to go back to your normal routine after most if not all of your treatments.

Larger veins may require a minimally invasive treatment that targets the problem areas directly inside them. Endovenous laser therapy uses a small laser inserted through a minute incision in the skin. The laser is placed directly inside the vein where the vein walls can absorb the energy. Endovenous laser therapy can even be used on some smaller varicose veins.

There is no reason that you should have to live with spider veins any longer. Contact or visit us at About Face Anti-Aging Institute to learn more about spider veins removal. We are located in Harker Heights, TX, and we encourage you to schedule a consultation.