Essential Tips About Laser Hair Removal and its Advantages

Laser Hair Removal

Looking for some essential tips about laser hair removal?

With time, laser hair removal treatment has become common. After years of waxing, shaving & plucking, you often take the plunge into permanent laser hair removal treatment. But there must be so many questions in your mind before taking the treatment.

Will this hurt? How much does the treatment cost? How many sessions do I have to take for permanent removal of my hair? From where should I get this treatment? (You are here, so you know that answer). What will be its outcome? What are the advantages or benefits of Laser Hair Removal treatment?


To answer all your questions, we are here to provide you with the best possible tips about laser hair removal and its advantages.

Laser hair removal is amongst the most commonly done procedures in the U.S. This treatment involves beaming highly concentrated light into hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and destroys the hair.

These days this treatment has become popular, and its market is growing at an astounding pace. If you want to remove your hair via a laser, then laser machines at About Face Anti-Aging institute are the best. “The laser hair removal treatment” is the solution for anyone who wants to get rid of their unwanted hair permanently.

Here we have some essential tips about laser hair removal that you must know:

Laser Hair Removal Essential Tips:

#1 Don’t Wax or Tweeze before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It is important to remember that you must not get waxed or tweezed right before your laser hair removal treatment, as it’ll hinder the best results of the laser. The laser works to remove the hair follicles (hair from the roots) by applying an optimum beam of light over the treatment area. If you have decided to take the laser treatment, you must stop tweezing, plucking, and waxing.

Waxing and shaving are hair removal methods that are temporary. No one can apply all the methods of hair removal to your skin simultaneously. However, you can use a razor as shaving might add to the best results achieved through the laser hair removal treatment.

#2 All Hair Cannot Be Lasered

The laser hair removal works best when there is a contrast between the hair and  the color of your skin as the laser targets pigment. It is a specialty of laser – it can see the dark follicles easily and remove them permanently. All hairs are not equal in the eyes of the laser, so the results are also not equivalent, but you can expect it to work great on your body.

#3 You’ll Need To Have Multiple Sessions

It’s a fact that you will need to take multiple sessions to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. A single session is of no use as all the follicles are not removed at once. Depending on the area being treated, permanent hair removal takes anywhere from 5-10 sessions.

Laser hair removal is performed best when done on the hairs which are in their active growth phase. This varies for everyone and the cycle will slow after a few treatments. It gradually destroys the hair follicles and permanently removes the hair. Repeat sessions are needed to treat the hair follicles when they are still growing.

#4 It’s Normal To Feel Post-Treatment Irritation

When the laser applies the beam of light onto the body parts and destroys the hair follicles, it’s normal to feel irritation on the targeted area after the treatment. Whenever hair is removed from any part of your body, through laser, waxing, or plucking, you’ll feel irritation over that body part as expected, so don’t hesitate to consult us at About Face Anti-Aging Institute.

If you experience any discomfort, it usually disappears after a day of treatment. You may feel some swelling on the hair follicles around the targeted area, but it’s as normal as the irritation, and it may last for a few days. In case you’re feeling persistent irritation and swelling, you can use ice or a cool compress for relaxation.

#5 Apply Cool Packs And Aloe Vera To Numb The Treated Area

After the laser treatment, you may feel minor discomfort like sunburn and pain in the treated area. The area may become swollen and red after treatment. Applying ice and Aloe Vera gel will help to ease this pain experienced after treatment. Wrap ice in a towel & apply this pack to your skin.

Also, you can massage the treated area with ice for about 10-15 minutes 3-4 times in a day until the discomfort is gone. Don’t apply the ice pack for too long, as this will restrict the blood flow and slow the healing process. Aloe Vera gel reduces skin discomfort and is absorbed by the skin. Also, you can repeat this process 2-3 times a day until the swelling & redness is gone.

#6 Protect Your Skin Immediately Following Hair Removal Treatment

Factors like sweat, sunlight & dust can irritate the treated area and make the redness worse. The best way to prevent this is to protect the treated area from direct sunlight and avoid dusty areas. If the laser has treated the face area, then wear a hat to provide sun protection. Still apply sunscreen, avoid tanning from artificial UV sources and the sun for eight weeks. Hot baths & showers can increase the heat to the treated area, so you must also avoid them for the best results.

#7 Wear Loose Clothing And Avoid Applying Harsh Skin Products

Wearing loose clothes helps to avoid rubbing & irritation to the treated area. Wearing loose t-shirts and a pair of baggy track pants helps keep the skin breathable, happy & comfortable after treatment. Applying makeup can cause the skin to become irritated. Hence, we advise you to avoid their use until the redness has disappeared.

#8 Take Cool Showers

Hot water can cause burning and blistering of the skin. So, it’s a good idea to take cold showers after your laser hair removal treatment. Do not use hot heating pads on the treated area as it will cause further redness and irritation on the skin.

These were some tips related to laser hair removal treatment, so that you can have the proper knowledge about this hair removal method before undergoing the treatment. Lasers have now become a common way of hair removal. This treatment is the best way to remove all that unwanted hair from your body. If you’re not content with shaving or waxing to remove unwanted hair, then a laser hair removal treatment is an option worth considering.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers are useful for removing unwanted hair from the face, chin, back, arm, leg, underarm, bikini line, and other areas.

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#1 Precision

A laser hair removal treatment selectively targets hairs right down at the follicle while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. This particular benefit makes it better than intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal, as the use of the laser makes it more suited to treating people with dark skin tones. The precision also means you will get results sooner.

#2 Speed

Each pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a second, but it can treat many hairs simultaneously. The laser treats an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. We at About Face Anti-Aging Institute can treat small areas such as the upper lip in less than a minute, and large areas, such as your legs or back, may take up to an hour. Most patients can achieve permanent hair loss within 3 to 7 sessions, so laser hair removal is very successful.

#3 You’ll Save Money In The Long Term

With permanent hair reduction, you no longer need to purchase endless razors, depilatory creams, and you’ll no longer need to have monthly waxing appointments. The cost of laser hair removal has decreased, as the cost of waxing has risen significantly. And the results are far superior to waxing and the cost, over time, is much less.

#4 No Waiting for Hair Growth

You don’t need any surface hair for a laser hair removal treatment. You are encouraged to shave before your session to prevent scorching any of the surface hair. What it means is that while you’re waiting for the treatment to work, you can remain fuzz-free, unlike waxing and other hair removal methods where you must have long enough surface hair before a session.

#5 No Ingrown Hairs

Unlike waxing, threading & epilating, you no longer have to put up with painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. You won’t even have to tolerate razor burns or irritation. Apart from that, laser hair removal can improve ingrown hairs.

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