Tips For The Best Botox Results

Botox is the world’s most famous cosmetic treatment for many great reasons. Botox treatment at About Face Anti-Aging Institute has helped many patients achieve their desired look without adverse effects. 

Getting our Botox treatment is an investment in your self-confidence and your quality of life. For patients who want to get their Botox injections for the first time, the About Face Anti-Aging Institute in Texas offers these tips to ensure you achieve the best, long-lasting, wrinkle-smoothing results.


#1 – Find A Great & Certified Doctor / Injector

This is the most crucial step when considering Botox injections. Do your research in your area and pay attention to reviews and testimonials about the doctor/injector who will be administering your injections. 

An unqualified or inexperienced injector might not have the proper knowledge or training required to safely administer Botox. Without the proper knowledge, they risk over-injecting the Botox injection, or they might also inject Botox in the wrong area where there may be blood vessels or nerves. Do your due diligence and find a certified and experienced physician. 

If the injections are administered correctly and according to your goals, the results are more likely to last long and fade evenly.

#2 – Don’t Play With The Injection Site.

It’s so tempting to touch and feel your fabulous new, smooth face to feel the effects, but, you must resist! Botox injections have a gel consistency that needs time to “set”. Our experts advise that touching, rubbing, and poking the injected site can push Botox away from the targeted region.

These actions not only damage the wrinkle-relaxing effects of Botox treatment, but can also drive the injection too close to the eyes or other nerves, where it can cause undesired side effects.

#3 – Avoid Certain Products & Medications Before Your Treatment.

Medicines that carry blood thinners are likely to hurt the treated area. Coumadin is a popular blood thinner, but other well-known drugs also have blood-thinning characteristics. 

These medicines include aspirin, Motrin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. You must not take any of these medications for at least one week leading up to your Botox treatment.

There are other foods and vitamins you might take that contain blood-thinning or anti-coagulating substances. Common anticoagulants incorporate cinnamon, red wine, fish oil, green tea, multivitamins and ginger. During your consultation, your injector might suggest other things to avoid and you must obey!

#4 – Don’t Overdo It

The results of Botox treatments are temporary. As it starts to fade, the old wrinkles will probably reappear. In many cases, a sense of urgency arises, sending clients back to take more injections. 

As long as the time between each Botox round exceeds 3 months, there’s not much to bother about. However, the body upgrades itself to resist the injections with continuous use, making it less effective. 

This short effect may cause patients to increase the dosage or frequency of the treatments, but this can lead to those poor results we discussed.

#5 – Proper Care After Your Botox Treatment

Immediately after your  treatment at About Face Anti-Aging, we advise you to try to contract the muscle fibers around the injected site to ensure the Botox treatment is distributed correctly. Of course, we advise that you follow all of our recommendations to maximize results. 

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You must trust an experienced and certified injector to administer your treatment in order to get the best and long lasting results. About Face Anti-Aging Institute in Texas has a master injector and aestheticians who can work with you to create a treatment plan that will give you the best results from your Botox procedure. 

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