What are the Benefits of BOTOX?


BOTOX®, a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles on the face and forehead, is popular because of the simplicity of the procedure and also because it is suitable for all skin tones and textures. Many of the skin rejuvenation treatments and skin ablation procedures are limited in their effectiveness simply because they target very specific concerns and are, therefore, not a viable solution for a large percentage of individuals concerned about the appearance of their facial skin.

The greatest benefit of BOTOX® is natural-looking results, results that do not require any sort of invasive procedure. The treatments can be repeated at regular intervals, and side effects are virtually unknown or rare. A quick consultation with us will inform you about how BOTOX® can take years off your appearance without the need to go under the knife or undergo potentially damaging other procedures.

What Exactly is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a purified protein solution that acts as a nerve signal inhibitor. If enough of the solution is injected into certain facial muscles, the muscles no longer receive nerve information from the brain and, therefore, cannot fully contract. Smiling and other facial expressions are still easy to perform, but the facial skin isn’t pulled or pinched, meaning that dynamic wrinkles and smile lines no longer become visible.

A Simple Treatment

Locating the suitable injection sites is easy. We can ask the client to perform some facial expressions so that we can note the size and strength of the facial muscles. We inject the BOTOX® solution using specialized techniques. The BOTOX® fluid slowly deactivates nerve signal transmission to the muscles. This usually takes a few days. For the following months, the facial skin will appear smoother when pouting or frowning is performed. The annoying crow’s feet and marionette lines that formed around the mouth, eyes, and on the forehead are no longer visible.

The Many Benefits of BOTOX®

BOTOX® doesn’t directly treat the skin, so clients need not be wary of an problems with skin tone or texture following the procedure. This is an entirely non-surgical procedure, making it perfect for men and women with busy schedules.

Perhaps you’re not yet ready for something aggressive such as a facelift or a deeper chemical peel. You want a simple, outpatient treatment with a proven track record. BOTOX® is probably the skin-smoothing treatment you’ve been seeking. Make an appointment at About Face Anti-Aging Institute to learn more information. Our office is located in Harker Heights and we happily serve clients in Killeen/Harker Heights, Temple, Belton, and Waco. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!