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Balayage for Dark

Discover the artistry of Balayage, this captivating coloring technique when used on darker hair creates a beautiful lived-in look. With my skillful use of freehand strokes, I will craft a customized masterpiece that considers your unique eye color, skin, tone, and face shape. My goal is to create a sun-kissed, low maintenance perfection tailored just for you. Through this technique, I will infuse your dark hair with depth, and dimension, enriching its natural richness. The result is a soft, effortlessly beautiful look that enhances your natural beauty. Experience the magic of personalized Balayage with The Hair Whisperer.

Balayage Teasy Highlights

Teasy lights, also known as “Teasylights”, are a variation of traditional highlights. In this technique, I backcomb or tease small sections of hair near the roots before applying the color. This teasing adds dimension and depth to hair, allowing for a softer and more blended look at the root area. On this guest, I used a combination of both techniques. The teased sections near roots seamlessly blend into the Balayage highlights, creating a soft and natural gradient effect. This Combination also provides flexibility in customizing the placement of highlights and ensuring they frame your face beautifully.


As an artist, I absolutely love using the Teasylights technique. I delicately tease and wave fine strands of hair, as if painting with softest brush strokes. With meticulous care, highlights are strategically placed, following the natural flow of your hair, resulting in a seamless and multidimensional effect. As if you caught the sun’s rays in your hair, creating a mesmerizing and radiant appearance that’s both natural and captivating.


Babylights is a technique that is reminiscent of a carefree child. These highlights offer the most natural brightening effect to the hair. It’s as if you’ve been blessed by nature’s own brushstrokes, creating a look so genuine that others may mistake it for your own. Babylights, the “whisper of sunlight” are the secret to achieving that enchanting natural glow. These two guests beautifully illustrate the power of Babylights in enhancing different hair textures.

Whether you’re seeking a stunning, uniform all-over color transformation or the seamless artistry of color melting techniques, I’ve got you covered. There are so many techniques when doing a color service.

All-Over Color

Whether you’re seeking a stunning, uniform all-over color transformation or the seamless artistry of color melting techniques, I’ve got you covered. There are so many techniques when doing a color service.

Transformation: This technique involves applying a single, uniform color to your entire hair, creating a dramatic change, or refreshing your current color for a consistent look. It’s a versatile option for those seeking a bold change or maintaining a solid color.

Color Melt: Color melting is a seamless blending technique that combines multiple shades,
creating a gradient-like effect. It’s perfect for achieving a smooth transition between different colors.

Root Touch-Up: If you want to maintain your current color but need to cover up regrowth or gray.

I specialize in crafting custom haircuts for women that elevate your natural beauty. My promise is to personalize styles that reflect your unique personality and fashion sensibilities. Whether you’re seeking a chic and modern look or a timeless classic, I am dedicated to tailoring every detail to ensure you leave feeling confident, empowered, and absolutely radiant.

Deep Conditioning & Protein Treatments

Deep conditioning treatments include improved moisture retention, increased elasticity, reduced frizz, and enhanced shine.

Protein treatments are designed to strengthen and repair damaged hair. These treatments are particularly beneficial for hair that is weakened due to excessive heat styling, chemical processing or environmental factors.